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2019    The Other Art Fair, Chicago

2018    Kraemer'sche Kunstmühle, Munich

2017    Gallery 54, London - Etching and

            print show

            National Original Print Exhibition,

            Bankside, London

            Wigdor Law, New York

            Albany, Bahamas

2016    MME Fine Art, New York

            Patchings Art Center, Nottingham

2015    Serena Morton, London

            LARA, The Mall Galleries

            The Artist Magazine exhibition,Nottingham

            Winner of the Caran D'Ache award  

Angus had a conventional upbringing in the south east of England, until he left school and travelled alone down Africa for a year. He returned, a little reluctantly, to study Classics at Oxford University, and went on to become a journalist, working for various national papers and magazines. During this period he also composed crosswords and won a BAFTA for copywriting a history of communication. Then one evening he passed an art school near to where he was working in London.

Everything changed. Three months later he had left the UK and enrolled full time in an atelier in Florence, funding his tuition by compiling crosswords. His first exhibition followed a year later in London and he hasn't looked back since.

Here are some of his thoughts from a recent show in New York:

'I think art is more important than ever now. For one thing it is not functional – which is pretty rare. Even games and toys nowadays have to be justified as educational, and with the wonders of modern communication, those undistracted, aimless moments are rare. But mainly it opens us to other ways of seeing. It shows there is more to the world than us and that not everything that is valuable is quantifiable, measurable, wholly rational.

'Love is like that too. I also think there is always space for something beautiful.'

Angus works on a commission basis too. This usually takes the form of portraits or landscapes and more recently he has completed work for a number of prominent golf clubs in the US and Europe. In the summer of 2017, he finished a large painting for Quail Hollow, where the USPGA was held.  He is currently working on a painting of Augusta National during The Masters as well as a large oil of the West Side Tennis Club, at Forest Hills, New York where the US Open used to take place.

Angus currently lives in Tuscany and the UK with his wife and five children.


2014    Serena Morton, London  

2010    Morton Metropolis, London

2008    Guggleton Gallery, Dorset

2007    Jorgensen Gallery, Dublin

2006    Petley Fine Art, Cork Street, London

            Guggleton Gallery, Dorset

2005    Jorgensen Gallery, Dublin

            Petley Fine Art, Cork Street, London

            Guggleton Gallery, Dorset


2004    Hotel Pitti Palace Hotel, Florence

2003    Petley Fine Art, Cork Street, London


            Panter and Hall, London

2002    Vertigo Gallery, London

            The Florence Academy of Art